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About the Ochanomizu University Digital Archives

The Tokyo Women’s Normal School, predecessor of Ochanomizu University, opened on November 29, 1875, as the first Japanese institute for higher education for women. The first graduation ceremony was held in March 1879, which sent out the school’s first graduates into society.
The university has since graduated many brilliant women educators and researchers, and the university alumni work actively in a variety of fields.
The "Ochanomizu University Digital Archives: Database of Pioneering Women Researchers" is a collection of digitalized historical materials that record the accomplishments of pioneering women researchers who graduated from the university-such as Kono Yasui, Japan’s first woman to earn a doctorate of science, Chika Kuroda, Japan’s first woman to earn a bachelor of science and second to earn a doctorate of science, and Toshiko Yuasa, who traveled to France to earn a doctorate of science after graduating from the university-as well as other valuable materials in the university’s possession that cannot be disregarded when discussing Japan’s education for women.

This website was created with the "Developing New Research Fields Where Women Can Advance" project (2007-2009) funded by the MEXT "Tokubetsu Kyouiku Kenkyu Keihi" grant.


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On the Use of University Materials

Unauthorized reprinting or using of materials owned by Ochanomizu University and available in the Ochanomizu University Digital Archives is prohibited.
If you wish to use any of the materials for purposes not permitted by the Japanese copyright law (permitted use includes personal use, educational use, etc.), please submit an application for the use of materials and acquire Ochanomizu University’s permission in advance.

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