The Principle

Ochanomizu University Library is an institution committed to intellectual exchange across the barriers of space and time, and working to create an academic infrastructure and disseminate knowledge to the next generation.
It aspires to provide a place where all users of the library can find intellectual enrichment.

People permitted to use the library facilities

Those who have an IC card issued by the university (student/other ID cards) :
Please enter the library by scanning your card at the entrance gates.

Current students and faculty/staff without an IC card issued by the university, alumnae and retired faculty/staff of Ochanomizu University:
A library card will be issued. Please contact the library staff at the circulation desk.

Others are requested to contact the library staff at the circulation desk

Borrowing and returning items

  • When you borrow books, you need your university ID card or library card. 
        Please use the self check-out machines near the circulation desk.
  • During library hours, please return books you borrowed to the circulation desk.
        When the library is closed, books may be returned to the book drops at the entrance of the library.
  • The due date of books can be extended once before the original due date. Audio-visual materials may not be extended.
        You can log into your library account to check the due dates, and then extend if necessary.
  • If you have an overdue book, you may not borrow or extend any books.
        After returning the overdue book, you cannot borrow any items for a period equal to the time that the book was kept beyond its due date.

Services for Ochanomizu University students and faculty/staff

  • Databases, E-Resources, E-Journals
  • Reference desk
    • When you need assistance in finding materials or using the databases, please ask for assistance at the reference desk.
    • Interlibrary loan service, issuing letters of introduction.
         Materials that are unavailable in our library can be requested from other libraries (interlibrary loans / articles or partial book photocopies). You can also request a letter of introduction to visit other libraries.
  • Workshops
    Ochanomizu University Library holds workshops on how to make better use of the library materials, databases, e-journals and e-books for your study and research.
    • “Made-to Order Workshop”
          You can request a workshop be created at the place and time of your choosing, and can request contents of the workshop as you need them. Please apply as a group.
           For further details, please visit our website or look at the notice board in the library.


◇ Hours        From the opening time to 10 minutes before the library closes
◇ Location    Beside the circulation desk, on the second floor
◇ Prices      Black and white: ¥10/sheet, Color: ¥50/sheet
Payments can be made with coins, thousand-yen bills or a copy-card which is available in the university Co-op.
It is your responsibility to ensure that your photocopying complies with copyright law.

Please DO NOT
  • Copy a book in its entirety.
  • Make or distribute multiple copies.
  • Use copies for any purpose other than private research or study.
  • Copy items other than library materials.
  • Copy periodical articles of a current issue. Periodical articles may be copied only after a certain interval following its publication. Please fill in an application form before photocopying.


  • Please handle all library materials with care.
  • Please report any loss of or damage to any library materials. In some instances, you may have to cover costs incurred for damaged or lost materials.
  • Please be quiet on the second floor of the library (Learning Floor). In other spaces, please be respectful of others.
  • Eating and smoking are not allowed in the library. Drinking is allowed areas other than PC area. For more information on this, please refer to the sign in each place.
  • Please set your mobile phone to silent mode. Calls are prohibited in the library, but allowed inside Mobile Phone Booths.
  • Please keep your valuables with you all times.
  • Taking pictures with your mobile phone is prohibited. The noise may disturb other library users.