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Education and Research Support

Supplementary credits for museum training: school years 2009, 2010

For students who lack the required number of days of training in museum practice off-campus, organizing materials and practical training was conducted, such as creating data.

Cooperation for students taking the "Cultural Management Theory Seminar": school years 2008, 2009

For the exhibition planned and conducted by students taking the Cultural Management Theory Course (Master’s program, held every other year), the reference library offered information on planning and selection of materials, provided materials to be exhibited, and furnished the exhibition space.



June 29 (Tues) Visited by participants of the Humanities and Social Science School Presidents’ Gathering

May 25 (Tues) Visited by the party of Hwei-Jin Liu, Dean of the School of Music, Taipei National University of the Arts

Apr 6 (Tues) Special open day (Entrance ceremony)

Mar 23 (Tues) Special open day (Graduation ceremony)

Mar 18 (Thur) Visited by the party of the President of the University of Cologne, sister school of Ochanomizu University

Information on past visits

Number of visitors

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Research of Materials

MuSA activities: school years 2008-2010

The reference library receives help from Museum Student Assistants (MuSA), in the same way the university library has Library Student Assistants (LiSA).
MuSAs have many duties including organizing storag, moving materials, inputting data, and assisting with materials research.

[2008 school year] Feb-Mar: 3 students
[2009 school year] Nov-Dec: 4 students, Jan-Mar: 4 students
[2010 school year] June-Mar: 5 students

External Loan of Materials


Jan 15-Feb 14
Contributed the photograph "Graduation Photograph of the Primary Education Department, February 1879" to the History of Japanese Universities Exhibition, "Japanese Universities: Establishment and Society"


Nov 5-27
Exhibited "Portrait of Takayoshi Kido" at the Parliamentary Museum "Special Exhibition: Turbulent Establishment of the Meiji Government"

Oct 6-Dec 13
Contributed photographs "School Main Gate and Building before the Great Kanto Earthquake," "Physics Class" and others to the National Women’s Education Center’s Women’s Archive Center exhibition "The Birth of Women Scientists: Women Who Made Challenges"

June 4-9
Contributed photographs of "Scene of Twenty Games of Joy (duplication)" "Scene of Children's Education" and "Desk with Froebel Gifts" to Sendai City Higashi Nibancho Kindergarten’s 130th Anniversary Exhibition


Mar 22-May 6
"Report of International Students" (Including Kono Yasui’s Application Form for October 1915 to March 1916) and "Petition to Include Women in the National Diet" to the Japanese Scientists and Engineers Exhibition Series Vol. 5 "Girls’ Challenges: Japanese Women Scientists and Engineers," at the National Museum of Nature and Science

Mar 15-June 15
"100-Year History of Ochanomizu University" and "Photograph of Work Place of the Hydrographic Department, Japanese Imperial Navy" were exhibited at the exhibition for the planetarium program "senjo ni kagayaku vega?yakusoku no hoshi wo miagete [Vega bright on the battlefield?looking up to the promised star]" (created by the Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center) shown at the Time Dome Akashi in Chuo Ward, Tokyo