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Kono Yasui--日本初の女性博士。
Kono Yasui

Kono Yasui was the first Japanese woman to earn a doctorate in science.
Yasui was born in 1880 in Kagawa Prefecture. She attended the Women’s Department of Kagawa Normal School, and then proceeded to the Division of Science at Women’s Higher Normal School. After graduating she taught at a girl’s school for three years. In 1905, when the government-funded research student system was newly established at Women’s Higher Normal School, she was chosen for the only science research student quota that year, majoring in zoology and botany. Her paper titled, "Weber’s organ of carp fish," was the first paper by a woman scientist published in the journal "Zoological Science." She then studied the prothallium of Salvinia natans and published her results in the "Journal of Plant Science." Her further research results were published in the Annals of Botany, a journal in the UK. This was the first time a Japanese woman’s work was published in a foreign specialized journal.


1880 February 16, born in Kagawa Prefecture
1898 Graduates from Kagawa Prefecture Normal School, enters Women’s Higher Normal School (age 18)
1902 Graduates from the Division of Science, Women’s Higher Normal School (photos [1],photos [2]), becomes teacher at Gifu Girl’s Higher School (age 22)
1904 Becomes teacher at Kanda Girl’s School
1905 Enters the graduate course of Women’s Higher Normal School (age 25).
Publishes the paper, "Weber’s organ of carp fish"
1906 Begins research in botany, particularly in cytology
1907 Completes the graduate course at Women’s Higher Normal School, becomes assistant professor at the same (age 27)
1914 Studies abroad in the US, conducts cytological research at the University of Chicago (age 34)

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