Women Researchers
Kono Yasui
Chika Kuroda
Toshiko Yuasa
Michiyo Tsujimura

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Women Researchers
Kono Yasui Born in Kagawa (1880-1971)

Kono Yasui (1880-1971) was the first Japanese woman researcher to earn a doctoral degree. She contributed many research papers on botany and helped to open the road for women in the academic world, during a time when it was still very conservative.

Chika Kuroda Born in Saga (1884-1968)

Chika Kuroda (1884-1968) was Japan’s first woman bachelor of science, and the second doctor of science (after Dr. Yasui). She researched natural pigments such as shikonin and carthamin, and left a record of achievements in the world of chemistry.

Toshiko Yuasa Born in Tokyo (1909-1980)

Toshiko Yuasa (1909-1980) was an internationally active woman physicist. She never forgot her passion for research even throughout the Second World War, earned doctorate degrees from both France and Japan, and acted as a bridge of cultural exchange between the two countries.

Michiyo Tsujimura Born in Saitama (1888-1969)

Michiyo Tsujimura (1888-1969) was Japan’s first woman doctor of agriculture. She applied herself to research on tea components such as vitamin C, catechin and tannin, and also committed herself to education for the following generation.