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Ochanomizu University School Song"Migakazuba"
Ochanomizu University School Song"Migakazuba"

"Migakazuba" is a poem composed and bestowed by the Japanese empress (Empress Shoken) in December 1875, at the opening of Tokyo Women’s Normal School, predecessor to Ochanomizu University. It became the nation’s first school song with music composed by Suehiro Tougi of the Ministry of the Imperial Household, Gagaku Division, and is still sung as the school song today.

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Ochanomizu University School Song"Migakazuba"screensaver

Poem monument of school song "Migakazuba"

The Main Building Renovation Memorial Ceremony was held on October 17, 2006, commemorating the Main Building renovations that lasted three years. The ceremony included the unveiling of a poem monument with the inscribed school song "Migakazuba," newly placed in front of the Main Building.

October 17, 2006, Main Building Renovation Memorial Ceremony

Poem monument of school song "Migakazuba"<

Poem monument (In front of the Main Building, donated by professor Masahiko Fujiwara)